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Often times there are leaders that are exceptional that leading and managing a team to produce results. There are other times where leaders do the opposite and don’t do a great job at leading. These “leaders” are there for the title and think that the reason they are there is due to them being clearly better than everyone else. While that might be the case, this shouldn’t negatively impact the business or the team they lead. Leaders are meant to be able to guide and support people in a healthy way to success. There are a few characteristics that these bad leaders share and use to negatively hurt their teams.

  1. Dictatorship

A behavior that some people posses is the inability to let others decide the path ahead. These leaders only rely on their own opinions and punish anyone who isn’t on board with it. It generates an environment that calls for little creativity and a very linear path that the leader has put forth, which most times isn’t the best strategy available.

  1. Communication

The worst quality for a leader to have is to not be able to communicate or be open to communication with the team. Leaders who only give commands and never listen to the responses are never able to fully understand the needs and wants of the people that are supposed to help them with success. Having open communication is a integral part to having a great team and when you shut down that avenue, you are unable to effectively gain trust and the motivation from a team.

  1. Personal Glory

Leaders who prefer to tout their own personal success rather than the team’s success as a whole end up hurting themselves and the team more than help. Sure, it’s good to be able to understand the successes you have had in the past and realize where you have come from, but taking credit for something your team may have done as your own isn’t healthy. These leaders only want to make the boss see the success they have had, so that they can be considered for a promotion at the expense of others.